F&I and Showroom Magazine - May 2014

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* Defending the CFPB
* Taking Note
* Thievery Loves Company

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* Industry Spotlight - Taking Note: Two years ago Toyota began overhauling its digital engagement strategy.  Its latest development is Notebook, an online toolthe OEM hopes iwll deliver higher quality leads to its dealers

* Technology - Building a Deeper Link: Digital marketing expert reveals how some progressive dealers are attracting 2.5 times more shoppers at 65% less cost than traditional search engine marketing

* Compliance - Defending the CFPB: The editor goes one-on-one with the man who helped chart the CFPB's course into the auto finance industry.  Find out what the former regulator has to say about dealer participation and F&I product sales.

* Finance & Insurance - Captives, Dealers and F&I Pay Plans: Dealers would do well in aligning F&I pay loans with their objectives.  But as the magazine's newest contributor explains, adding another wrinkle to F&I pay plans may not be the best thing.

* Finance & Insurance - No Customer, No Sale: F&I managers can't sell to customers they don't see.  The father of the F&I menu provides an action plan for convincing management that every customer must visit the F&I office at the time of sale.





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F&I and Showroom Magazine - May 2014