F&I and Showroom Magazine - September 2013

Featured Articles Include:
* In Transition
* Indestructible, Invincible and Bulletproof
* Pacesetters Setting the Pace

Read on to find:
* In Transition-A new study predicts that online media will dominate automotive advertising this year.
* Indestructible, Invincible and Bulletproof - Undaunted by adversity, ‘Da Man’ casts further doubt on the buying power of Generation Y.
* Pacesetters Setting the Pace - Meet the six finalists for the coveted F&I and Showroom Dealer of the Year award.
* F&Idol Lights, Camera, Action-This year’s field of F&Idol hopefuls count two female producers and one male.

F&I and Showroom Magazine - September 2013