F&I and Showroom Magazine - September 2012

Featured Articles Include:
* Protection Products Outselling Accessories
* Pave Your Own Way
* Pacesetters Setting the Pace

Read on to find:
* Protection Products Outselling Accessories- Paint protection was No. 1 in terms of revenue and profit.
* Pave Your Own Way- ‘Da Man’ reflects on his biggest inspiration
* Pacesetters Setting the Pace: Getting inside the operations of this year's six F&I Pacesetters.  One of them will be named the magazine's F&I Dealer of the Year.
* F&Idol Finalists Revealed: These five F&I managers were named category winners for having the best on-camera F&I presentations.  One of them will be crowned as the 2012 F&Idol winner.







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F&I and Showroom Magazine - September 2012