F&I and Showroom Magazine - October 2015

Featured Articles Include: * Vroom Service * Staying on Budget * 7 Compliance Myths Debunked * 5 Keys to Going Social *

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* Vroom Service - Vroom is one of a handful of firms attempting to prove that cars and F&I products can be sold online, with one major difference: The company was founded by former AutoNation executives.
* Staying on Budget - Budget-savvy consumers were looking to leasing and longer loan terms during the second quarter, but this focus on savings could end up leading car buyers to the used-car lot.
* 7 Compliance Myths Debunked - The magazine's compliance expert tackles some pervasive regulatory myths surrounding the F&I office.

* 5 Keys to Going Social - The magazine's resident retail expert identifies five elements every social media strategy must have to ensure the marketing channel doesn't become a big waste of time.

* Social Mishap - Can you fire an employee for making inappropriate posts on social media?  A human resources expert explains why the answer might be 'No.'


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - October 2015