F&I and Showroom Magazine - May 2016

COVER STORY: * Decoding the Millennials * * * *

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* Cautious Optimism - Dealers and lender execs expressed optimism about the year ahead at the industry's annual get-together, but they admit some trends have them concerned.
* Cracking the Millennial Code (COVER STORY) - Millennials were top of mind at the industry's annual get-together and one expert says auto finance represents the gateway drug to financial services for this coming-of-age demographic.
* Decipering the Terms - Terms like 'prescreen' and 'prequalification' may seem similar, but they're not.  An executive for a credit report reseller issues a warning to dealers considering the new wave of 'soft pull' systems.

* Terror at 84 Months - F&I pro says dealers need to cosnider the repercussions of longer term loans before making them their new normal.

* 6 Ways to Hire for Success - Hiring to get the body count up can be a recipe for disaster.  Personnel expert explains why dealers and managers need to hire character first and credentials second.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - May 2016