F&I and Showroom Magazine - March 2016

The F&I Menu Issue: * Mastering the Menu * Menu Selling Reloaded * * *

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* Mastering the Menu (COVER STORY) - Does the transition to the F&I menu presentation stress you out? F&I trainer has the three-part cure.
* Menu Selling Reloaded - F&I trainer believes new technology and expert salesmanship can combine to create an efficient and productive menu-selling process.
* How to Preload Appearance Protection - An Ohio-based agent details a process designed to increase your store's per-vehicle average by $200, and keep your lot stocked with cleaner trades.

* Volatility Ahead - Auto financial advisor returns to offer his take on what the recent weakness in stock market indices means to the economy, the industry and dealer profitability.

* 4 Social Media Landmines - Dealership expert identifies four common landmines dealers run into when marketing on social media, and offers recommendations for staying out of the crosshairs of regulators.

* Hoarder Room or Server Room? - Dealership IT expert explains how well-organized server rooms protect equipment, save money, promote safety and reduce downtime.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - March 2016