F&I and Showroom Magazine - March 2011

Featured Articles Include:
* Mobilizing the Dealer Experience
* Ready to Charge Ahead
* Spot Deliveries: Pitch the Bathwater, Not the Baby

Read on to find:
* Mobilizing the Dealer Experience - Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is taking its mobile strategy where no company has gone before, but officials say the company won't push its vision of the future on dealers.
* Ready To Charge Ahead - It's clear that lenders and dealers are feeling good about the road ahead.  The two sides met at the 2011 Vehicle Finance Conference to reaffirm the importance of their relationship.
* 8 Show Stoppers - Web-based tools ruled the aisle ways at this year's NADA Convention and Expo in San Francisco.  Here are eight solutions that caught the magazine's attention.

* Pulling Out All the Props - The right prop can be the perfect objection killer, but you must choose your tools wisely.  F&I trainer shares a few of his top picks.



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F&I and Showroom Magazine - March 2011