F&I and Showroom Magazine - June 2017

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* The Digital Evangelist (COVER STORY) - Cox Automotive's Mark O'Neill talks to the editor about MakeMyDeal's future, digital retailing, and the fate of the F&I office.

* Your Customer Experience Sucks!  - Dealership consultant says focusing on CSI scores leads to missed opportunities to attract new customers and guarantee their loyalty.  He offers five recommendations for getting your store focused on what really matters.

* Beyond the Resume - Lengthy resumes don't prove anything.  F&I trainer explains why building and refining a professional skillset is more important than building a solid resume.

* When Did 'Cash' Become a Four-Letter Word? - F&I trainer debunks the myth that F&I offices can't make money on cash-paying customers.  He shares five proven methods for turning them into F&I product buyers.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - June 2017