F&I and Showroom Magazine - June 2015

Featured Articles Include: * Fraud Alert * F&I's New Mantra * Excel-Erate the Experience * Too Much Information *

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* Fraud Alert - Mansfield Auto World employeess were stunned when a seemingly normal online transaction nearly turned into an international crime.  Authorities say the dealership was the victim of a troubling new trend in auto theft.
* F&I's New Mantra - The magazine's resident F&I trainer says F&I pros nedd to exchange the mantra of 'always be closing' for 'always be connecting.'
* Excel-Erate the Experience - Making customers wait can doom the F&I process before it begins.  The magazine's veteran F&I pro details a time-saving process designed to put customers in a buying mood.
* Too Much Information - If you are Googling prospective employees or checking out their social media profiles, you could be running afoul of anti-discrimination laws.


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