F&I and Showroom Magazine - January 2017

COVER STORY: * There's an App for That * * *

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* There's an App for That (COVER STORY) - AutoGravity's Andreas Hinrichs believes his mobile financing app can serve as the 'digital glue' between dealers and finance sources, delivering ready-to-buy consumers to dealer showrooms.
* Relationships Matter Again -  With the sales pace slowing, auto finance insider believes dealer relationship management will be a top priority for finance sources in 2017.

* Balancing Act - We hate to burst your bubble, but there is no bubble to burst.  Auto finance expert breaks down the third-quarter results.

* Stop Abusing Bank Reps - F&I trainer recommends changing the way you treat your auto finance partners before your production - and your professional reputation - suffers.

* Addressing the Overtime Rule Delay - The new overtime rule is on hold.  Now what?  Human resources expert unpacks the big decision dealers have to make this month.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - January 2017