F&I and Showroom Magazine - January 2016

Featured Articles Include: * Connection Commerce * Driving the Metal * The Year Ahead: Part Two * *

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* Connection Commerce - MakeMyDeal is making progress in its drive to connect car buyers to dealers online, but can it do the same for F&I?  The editor goes one-on-one with the company's founder.
* Driving the Metal - New-vehicle registration volume returned to pre-recession levels in the third quarter thanks to a creative and willing auto finance market.
* The Year Ahead: Part Two - Dealer operations expert concludes his two-part series on planning for 2016 with a discussion on topics relating to technology and data, mergers and acquisitions, and personnel.

* Credibility Does Sell - Top trainer says rapport moves the metal, but credibility moves the paper.  He lists five ways F&I managers can build product-moving credibility.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - January 2016