F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2017

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* F&I to Go (COVER STORY) - Sun Toyota's John Marazzi was already an internet sales evangelist before launching a fully online process in September 2016.  In its first month alone, the program delivered 75 closed deals and an F&I per-copy average that was just $45 shy of the in-store average.
* One-Chance Training  - Do you show up every day to showcase your skills, or do you show up to develop them?  F&I trainer explains the critical difference.

* State of the F&I Union - A survey of 159 F&I professionals revealed a number of surprises - and confirmed at least one widely held theory - about compensation and how they feel about their work.

* The Million-Dollar Plan - Fixed-ops expert says dealers who aren't selling prepaid maintenance plans in service are leaving millions of dollars on the service drive floor each year.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2017