F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2016

Featured Articles Include: * Protecting the Finish (COVER STORY) * Nothing by the Truth * Perfecting the F&I Turnover * *

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* Protecting the Finish (COVER STORY) - Three F&I pros reveal the props they use to demonstrate the value of paintless dent removal and paint-and-fabric protection.
* Nothing by the Truth - F&I trainer says car buyers will only truly reveal their needs in an environment that rewards honesty.  He offers a few trust-building tips designed to get customers to open up.
* Perfecting the F&I Turnover - Expert says salespeople play a critical role in what happens in the F&I office.  She lists four ways they can successfully pave the road to back-end sales.

* Want vs. Need: A Lesson in Salesmanship - Industry veteran tells an entertaining tale of a conquest sale from 40 years ago to relay three key lessons about salesmanship and the art of listening.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2016