F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2009

Featured Articles Include:
* Lending’s Newest “C”
* Subprime Dealer Talks Lending
* The Art of the Deal

Read on to find:
* Lending’s Newest “C”-There were the three Cs of consumer credit, but today’s credit crisis has probably tacked on two more Cs. Compliance expert makes the argument for a sixth “C.”
* Subprime Dealer Talks Lending, Economy and Retail Challenges
* The Art of the Deal- Today’s credit crisis means one thing: It’s back to basics.
* DealerTrack Opens Up About Market Challenges
* Revving Up the Bottom Line
* Water-Cooler Debate- Used vs. New “Who has it the hardest?”
* 6 Hidden Profit Opportunities

F&I and Showroom Magazine - February 2009