F&I and Showroom Magazine - August 2016

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* Selling Outside the Box (COVER STORY) - Bernie Moreno's Ohio dealer group is proving that a little tech and a lot of F&I process know-how do mix.  So far, the combo has delivered satisfied customers and a 36% increase in the group's per-copy average.
* Time for a Reboot- F&I trainer says it's time for a break.  He explains how stepping outside and taking a breath of fresh air will lead to more product sales than you ever thought possible.
* 3 Steps to Selling Road Hazard Protection - AAA has given F&I managers a $3 billion reason every customer needs road hazard protection.  Two F&I pros lay out a process for doing just that.

* Tearing Down Dealership Silos - Retail expert says dealerships are fertile grounds for the morale-killing, business-destroying silo mentality.  He offers four recommendations for righting the ship.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - August 2016