F&I and Showroom Magazine - April 2017

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New-Age Sales (COVER STORY) - Roadster's Andrew Moss and Rudi Thun say they've created a digital transactional platform that works both in a buyer's home and in the showroom.  But as they readily admit, not every dealer is the ideal user.
* To Catch a Customer  - There are plenty of new innovations on display in and around NADA 2017.  The editor takes you on a tour of new tech tools aiming to help dealers land more sales and F&I opportunities.

* Stretched Thin - The average household is on the verge of being priced out of the new-vehicle market, Experian's data shows.  Get a glimpse at the trends that shaped auto finance's end-of-year period.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - April 2017