F&I and Showroom Magazine - April 2015

Featured Articles Include: * Sign on the Electronic Line * Ready Steady * Conquering the Curveball * *

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* Sign on the Electronic Line - Faster funding has always been a key selling point for dealers when it comes to econtracting.  That could change as the industry pushes for a fully online transaction
* Ready Steady - Auto finance volumes were up in every risk tier in the fourth quarter 2014, suggesting that concerns over the uptick in subprime loans are exaggerated
* Conquering the Curveball - Practicing and studying the pitcher are the keys to hitting baseball's ost unhittable pitch.  F&I trainer says the same applies in the F&I office, which has faced quite a few curveballs of late.
* 5 Steps to Data Security - Big data is no longer just an asset, it can also be a liability.  Retail expert shares five simple steps to keeping your data safe and preventing your dealership from becoming a statistic.


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F&I and Showroom Magazine - April 2015