Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - September 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Service With a Smile
* 5 Ways to Redefine the Customer Experience
* Stop Punishing Your Staff!

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The Mark of Quality - Today's dealers are putting customer service first and enjoying renewed success as a result.


Blurred Reality - Ziegler predicts that CarMax's recall troubles will soon be reflected at dealerships nationwide.

Innovations - Add power to your sales, service and customer service.

New Vehicles

Man Bites Dog - A New Jersey dealer sued a customer for breach of contract -- and actually won.

Questions Are the Answer

Contraceptive Controversy - Randy Reed opposed an Obamacare prevision that would have required him to cover emergency contraception in his employees' healthcre plans, and his side prevailed in the Hobby Lobby case.

Stop the Presses! - Greg Goebel takes The New York Times to task for equating the surging special finance market to the pre-Recession housing bubble.

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - September 2014