Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - October 2014

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* Progressive Dealers
* 6 Touchpoints for Service Customers
* Saving F&I

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Show Stopper - At this year's Industry Summit, the Special Fiannce Benchmarks report proved that subprime auto finance remains a force to be reckoned with.


Every Day I'm Shufflin' - Ziegler maintains a hectic schedule while OEM executives plot to use taxpayer money to ship manufacturing overeas.

Innovations - New products help dealers connect with customers and protect their investments.

At the Vanguard - Check out new van and utility prototypes from Detroit, Japan and Brazil.

Apples and Pomegranates - The CFPB is causing undue confusion among consumers and dealers by persistently referring to auto finance contracts as 'loans.'

It's Monday, But That's OK - True F&I professionals tackle the workweek by treating every interview as an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of customer service.

How to Prosper With Flat Fees

Special Finance Benchmarks - The latest numbers prove that dealers who are invested in SF are reaping the rewards of a bullish market.

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - October 2014