Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - March 2015

Featured Articles Include:
* The Social Media Superman
* The Lead Conversion Gap
* A Fool's Errand

Read on to find:

Take the Lead - Who's afraid of the entrepreneurial salesperson?

Viewpoints - Readers weigh in on a dealer association's anti-Tesla campaign, Internet pay plans and the 'pay-and-spray' mentality.

The Convention and the Big Game - Ziegler offers his unique perspective on NADA 2015, stair-step programs, estate taxes and this year's crop of Super Bowl car commercials.

A Fish In Water - Sales Pro of the Month Oscar Rodriguez found his true calling at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge of San Angelo (Texas).

Generation Shift - Four new products were designed to generate leads in unexpected ways.

The Social Media Superman - With unwavering support from GM Tim Roussell, Ecommerce Director Rico Glover is helping to rebuild Fayetteville, N.C.'s Bryan Honda into an Internet and social media sales and marketing superstore.

The Lead Conversion Gap - Experts agree that converting leads to appointments and sales requires a consistent process and a sales and BDC team that is trained to provide the information customers need to proceed to the next stage.

A Fool's Errand - Buying or generating more leads wiithout a rock-solid conversion process in place can only lead to frustration, failure and lost revenue.

The Future is Now - New tools designed to generate leads from a host of new sources are flooding the market.  But which, if any, will work for your operation?

The New Old Guard - Few dealers still refuse to market themselves online, but many continue to rely on outdated processes to convert Internet leads.

Paralysis by Analysis - Tracking lead-generation and -conversion data is important, but losing sight of the purpose behind it is a sure way to detail the process.

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - March 2015