Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - March 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Data Drives Profits
* NADA 2014: The Numbers Game
* Big Year Ahead

Read on to find:

* Opening Observations: NADA and the Data Games
* Viewpoints
* On the Point
* Innovations: New products and services from NADA 2014
* New Vehicles
* Legal: Don't take risks with RISCs
* Over the Curb: Who is in charge of your store?
* NADA 2014: Breaking New Ground
* Outsmart the Lead Goblin: Case studies track the crimes of a driver menace
* The Great A/B Experiment: Dealers are changing the way they test web pages
* What's in Their Wallets? - Four simple ways to protect your customers' credit cards

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - March 2014