Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - January 2015

Featured Articles Include:
* The Standard Bearer
* Three Bright Ideas for Low-Cost Leads
* Time To Man Up

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Rules and Regs - No state or region is immune from the crush of regulatory threats and actions that affect the auto industry.

Viewpoints - Readers respond to articles about lawbreaking dealers, BDC operations and F&I traiining.

The Time of Our Lives - Ziegler's Caribbean cruise is derailed by a bout with norovirus and stomach-turning news from vehicle and airbag manufacturers.

Sales Pro of the Month - Robert Householder has been a mainstay in the fleet department at Toyota of Orange (Calif.) for more than 25 years.

Innovations - New products and services promise to boost profits, sales, trade equity and loaner fuel savings.

CIDs and Spot Deliveries - Attorney generals from 32 states and the District of Columbia want the FTC to regulate dealers' spot-delivery processes.

It's Only F&I, But I Like It - G.P. Anderson offers expert advice for helping subprime customers and improving one's personal and professional outlook.

The Standard Bearer - Greg Rietz earned Ssles Pro of the Year honors by averaging more than 60 units per month, working long hours, improving the value of his dealership and performing at a high level throughout a career that has spanned four decades.

Dealership Disrupt - New technology and direct-to-custoer services could force dealers to abandon old processes and rely on social selling.

Your Medical Marijuana Policy - Despite surging reforms at the state level, auto dealers have maintained the right to a drug-free workplace -- except in Michigan.

The Inventory Tsunami

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - January 2015