Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - February 2015

Featured Articles Include:
* The Dealer for the People
* A Taxing Season
* Real Pros Don't Close

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On Target - A changing industry demands targeted marketing to cr buyers and dealers alike.

Viewpoints - Readers weigh in on down payments vs. loan-to-value and share BDC horror stories.

Giving Up the Ghost Pepper - Ziegler sweats out a column detailing the brand-identity crises facing the Cadillac, Ford and Lincoln marques.

A New Legacy - After learning the business from his father, Justin Russell hss blazed his own path at Washington's Legacy auto group.

Innovations - Four new game-changing products and services were designed to boost leads and increase sales.

Stick to the Script - A Minnesota dealer was hit with a lawsuit that proved the need to separate the service contract from the finance charge.

Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless - Jason Heard lists five keys to retaining repeat customers that won't show up on a CSI survey.

The Dealer for the People - At Key Hyundai, Jill Merriam and her brother, Jeffrey, are driving big sales, revenue and expansion with a personality marketing campaign and a business strategy borrowed from the world of high-stakes corporate finance.

Real Pros Don't Close - Lithia GM Paul Hathcer says closing tactics will soon go the way of the dinosaur - to everyone's benefit.

The Death of Disparate Impact - A federal judge may have dealt a death blow to the CFPB's use of the disparate impact theory of discrimination.

Break the Chains of Desktop Containment

Revolution Begins at Home Pages - Moving F&I to the front of the sales process may require dealers to rethink their website functionality.

Top 8 Tax Time Pitfalls

Everything in Its Place - Customizable workstations help create and maintain safe, clean, efficient service departments.

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - February 2015