Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - December 2014

Featured Articles Include:
* Lead Generator or Time Waster?
* Be Careful What You Demand
* The Presentation

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The 100% Rule - Your processes for total compliance and F&I sales should be designed to meet a common goal.

Viewpoints - Attendees weigh in on the Inaugural Compliacen Summitt

BBG Platter and a Bud Light - Ziegler prepares his mind and body to address quality issues at Fiat Chrysler, GM's latest public relations campaigns and a wave of unintended air bag deployments.

Innovations - Smart, smiple products and services were designed to drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

New Vehicles

Write Your Legislator - Losorelli v. CarMax illustrates the value of 'cure' statutes to dealers in California and other states.

Detective Work - Steve Fox learned the hard way that dealers must test the automated technology they rely upon to drive internet sales.

Jump-Start Your Dealership: Look for accounting efficiencies by considering the changes you would make if you were starting from scratch.

Turn Dealbreakers Into Dealmakers - Higher cash down payments allow special finance customers more choices for vehicles and financing.

Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine - December 2014